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Chapter One
Hello friends and family!  Here, you will find a more intimate and behind the scenes glimpse of our {imperfect} life, as well as work bench endeavors, aesthetic inspirations and collaborations with other artists and individuals.  I am looking forward to sharing things that we are building, learning about and experiencing, with you.  I am excited to share the work, and the faces behind the work, of some of the most gifted artists we know.  
God has given each one of us an incredible story (some chapters abundantly beautiful, some extremely trying, all brimming with heavenly signposts) that He is calling us into, each one worth sharing with others.  We will attempt to share some of ours, tastefully, here.  
Zak and I look forward to hearing your stories and perhaps experiencing first hand a chapter or two, whether by way of an engagement ring, road trip, dog park or dinner table.